Cycle to the lido

Cycle to the lido (i-2gs4AK.jpg)

Whilst we actively encourage you to cycle to the lido unfortunately we do not allow bicycles within the complex. 

Cycle racking is available outside the lido entrance with CCTV covering the area.  Please note that all bikes and scooters must be locked up outside the lido.

Please consider adding your cycle to the National Cycle Database at

To map a cycle route from your home to the lido why not try Cycle Streets website.

Night Swimmer

Night swimmer logo (i-Rr8ilX.jpg)

24th & 25th July 2015

A team endurance swimming event commencing at 8pm and finishing at 8am.  See how far you can travel in a 12 hour period.  A unique swimming experience in the 50m heated main pool of Sandford Parks Lido throughout the night.  There will be lighting within the swimming pool and across the facility during the darkest hours and you are encouraged to dress appropriately for night time illumination!