Lido Opening Times

Lido Panoramic

Please note we are now in our Cold Water Swim Week with limited opening.  Main pool only from 1200-1745.  No heating during this week.

The 2014 season will run from Saturday 10th May until Saturday 4th October.

These are our opening times during the season.

Please note that from 1st September we adjust our operating hours slightly.  Early mornings begin at 7am and we will close every day at 7pm.

Please also note that the early morning swim on Sunday 14th September is cancelled due to our triathlon.

Cold Water Swimming
Monday 29th September until Saturday 4th October - Main pool only from 12 - 5.45pm

 Main PoolChildren's Pool
Monday 1200-1745 
Tuesday 1200-1745 
Wednesday 1200-1745 
Thursday 1200-1745 
Friday 1200-1745 
Saturday 1200-1745 
Sunday no swimmingDevil's Aquathlon only


Brass Monkey Swim

Brass Monkey Swim (i-oqDhWK.jpg)

Sunday 4th January 2015

A new tough sporting challenge at Sandford Parks Lido only for the most hardy of swimmers.